Creating and Sharing Annotated Bibliographies: One Way to Become Familiar with Exemplary Multicultural Literature

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Summer 2015


Teachers who meet Common Core recommendations about teaching with multicultural literature need to recognize the traditions, values, and customs of various cultures so they can make sound decisions about the authenticity of the books they select for their students. Furthermore, teachers who support students' literacy achievements with exemplary multicultural literature need time to secure a good selection of quality multicultural literature for their classrooms. But, how can busy language arts teachers take the time to conduct extensive research to learn about various cultures and ethnicities and also ferret out and select quality multicultural literature that fits their students' grade and reading levels? Moreover, in what ways can teachers find time to determine what books portray authentic multicultural story characters, interest their students, or connect to a required themed unit of study? One way is to create and share Annotated Bibliographies that depict quality multicultural literature.

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Reading Improvement, v. 52, issue 2, p. 61-69