Modeling Historical Fiction Lessons as a Bridge to Primary Students' Content Reading: What I Didn't Know and Learned about the Standards

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Winter 2015


In this article I describe a series of historical fiction lessons I modeled for master's students in a service-learning content reading class. The master's students held degrees in disciplines other than education and had never taught in a school context. When I completed the lessons one Master's student remarked, "But we can't teach like that, Dr. R. We have to teach the standards like they told us in the schools where we observe." Consequently, as a literacy teacher educator, I needed to take action to integrate the state social studies standards and National Social Studies Curriculum in my model, discipline-specific, historical fiction lessons. I engaged in considerable research to educate myself about "the standards". I also devised a plan that portrays how future and in-service teachers might align the standards with school-wide learning objectives and K-12th grade learners' instructional needs.

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Journal of Reading Education, v. 40, issue 2, p. 34-39