Looking to our Past to Re-Envision our Future: A Co/Authoethnographic Study of Teacher Candidate Supervision across International Contexts

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Teacher education, narrative, doctoral students, supervision, reflection

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This self-study tells the story of two international teacher education doctoral students and one faculty member as they embarked upon a co/autoethnography as a way to collectively explore experiences with and conceptualization of teacher candidate supervision across international contexts. Data collection included written autobiographical narratives, audio-recordings of reflective conversations, and various artifacts. By sharing our narratives and engaging in reflective conversations about these experiences, we gained insight into our histories in relation to the term supervision. Understanding each other’s pasts and contexts helped us gain a window into how our experiences influenced our beliefs about supervision. Specifically, we saw connections in relation to what influenced us to become teachers, relationships and the context for supervision, and the function of supervision. Our past narratives became a lens to study how we currently view supervision. This realization pushed us to develop a new vision of supervision informed by both our past experiences and our current knowledge and experiences. This study has implications for both teacher educator-doctoral student preparation and teacher educator professional development.

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Studying Teacher Education, v. 15, issue 3, p. 296-316