Exploring the Interstices of Literate, Linguistic, and Cultural Diversity

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n this chapter, we examine an English-speaking Caribbean multilingual teacher's response to linguistic diversity by exploring his linguistic and literate experiences and responses to language in various geographical and social contexts. Through in-depth semi-structured topical interviews, we identified three distinct recursive “pathways” representative of the teacher's experiences. These pathways constituted his processes of attitude transformation, strategy use, and identity formation. The findings highlight the need for further exploration of multilingual teachers' linguistic diversity and indicate the need to examine teachers' capacity to respond to linguistic and cultural diversity based on their personal experiences.

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Exploring the Interstices of Literate, Linguistic, and Cultural Diversity, in P. Smith & A. Kumi-Yeboah (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Cross-Cultural Approaches to Language and Literacy Development, IGI Global, p. 238-260