Social Studies on the Internet

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This annotated collection includes more than 500 Websites designed to equip elementary, middle, and high school social studies teachers with ideas to engage in best practice, content, and dynamic originality. The book's dual-purpose format helps teachers as they utilize the Internet for professional development and as they introduce the Internet into their classroom learning experiences. Teachers can easily locate a specific topic and go directly to the Website making this user-friendly text appealing to both novices and experienced World Wide Web users. The authors have selected each Website based on comprehensiveness, durability, self-renewal, and credibility to ensure that the sites truly represent the best of the Web. Key chapter topics include Internet basics; integrating the Web into Social Studies; U.S. history and cultures; world history and cultures; government and law; citizenship education and political science; geography; economics; anthropology, sociology, and psychology; teaching about controversial issues, tolerance, and equity; teaching in a pluralistic environment; planning and instruction; and a teacher's tool kit.

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Social Studies on the Internet (1st Ed.), 176 p.

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