Preservice Teachers Perception of their Preparation Program to Cultivate their Ability to Teach Proof

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proof, preservice teachers, content knowledge, preparation program


This study describes twelve preservice teachers perceptions of their preparation program to foster their ability to teach proof. Data were collected via structured interview questions, relative to participants’ mathematical background, perceptions about proof, and their readiness to teach proof. The study found that most preservice teachers are not afforded many opportunities to prove outside of geometry or bridge to abstract algebra courses, and perceive that they will be challenged to teach proof effectively. The results suggest that the trajectory of preservice mathematics teachers college experience needs to increase opportunities to prove, and practice teaching proof. Furthermore, the findings unveil fundamental misconceptions preservice teachers have about the role and nature of mathematical proof. An analysis of these misconceptions suggests: explanations of the perceptions, and a need to incorporate explicit reflections on the role and nature of proof in teacher education curricula.

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Proceedings of the First Congress on Mathematics Education for Central America and the Caribbean (I CEMACYC)