Effects of Differentiated Reading on Elementary Students’ Reading Comprehension and Attitudes Toward Reading

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differentiation, Schoolwide Enrichment Model–Reading, Title I, reading comprehension

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In this investigation, we examined the effects of a differentiated reading approach on fourth grade students’ reading comprehension and attitudes toward reading. Eight Title I schools within one urban district were randomly assigned to treatment (Schoolwide Enrichment Model–Reading [SEM-R]) or control (district reading curriculum) conditions. Treatment teachers implemented SEM-R as a supplement to the district curriculum for 1 academic year, whereas control teachers used the district curriculum. Based on multilevel analyses of students’ posttest reading comprehension scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (n = 358) and attitudes toward reading as measured by the Elementary Reading Attitudes Survey (n = 429), no statistically significant differences in students’ attitudes toward reading were found, but SEM-R students had significantly higher scores on the comprehension posttest compared with the students in the control schools.

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Gifted Child Quarterly, v. 59, issue 2, p. 91-107