Assessing Public Support for the Gifted

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In order to assess the public's attitudes, perceptions, and awareness of programs for the gifted, surveys of public opinion have been used to determine the level of public support (Karnes & Riley, 1997; Larsen, Griffin, & Larsen, 1994). Surveys may investigate a variety of groups, including parents, teachers, administrators, and the noneducational sector, including the general public. Additionally, representation from all socioeconomic and educational levels should be sought in the survey to determine potential audiences for future public relations efforts based on the resultsof the study. Results from these surveys can be utilized to benefit gifted programming. They provide quantitative support from state citizens endorsing the need for gifted students to be identified and served, which is vital information when schools, districts, or states begin looking for areas to cut budgets.

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Gifted Child Today, v. 27, issue 2, p. 36-39