Looking Back and Looking Forward: Curriculum for Gifted and Talented Students

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Curriculum for the gifted, Differentiation for gifted learners, Acceleration for gifted learners, Enrichment for gifted learners, Curriculum models in gifted education, Problem-based learning with gifted students

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Curriculum for the gifted is guided by theories of differentiated learning that emphasize advanced content, challenging tasks, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities that differ from opportunities afforded to learners not identified as gifted. Guiding models in the field of curriculum for the gifted, including the Integrated Curriculum Model, the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, and the CLEAR Curriculum Model are discussed with relevant updates to the research incorporating these models. Additionally, advances in research instructional approaches recommended for gifted learners are discussed, including problem-based learning, STEM, online mentoring, and distance learning. The role of content standards is considered, and implications for continued research in curriculum and instruction for the gifted are examined.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward: Curriculum for Gifted and Talented Students, in S. Pfeiffer (Ed.), Handbook of Giftedness in Children, Springer, p. 149-161