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Dedication: Thank God for Dr. King! - Jenifer Jasinski Schneider

Section One: Ideas Inspired by James R. King

  • Choosing our words to open minds: The role of teacher in the dialogic classroom - Danielle Dennis, Sherridon Sweeney, and Sarah Hart
  • Kids make movies: Investigating media literacies in action through rhizomatic and memetic analysis - Deborah Kozdras, James Welsh, Jim King, and Jenifer Jasinski Schneider
  • Creating places to connect and empower: Multimodal literacy accommodations for pre- service teachers with reading difficulties - Margaret Krause and Julia Hagge
  • Linguistic landscapes and the navigation of new cities: A phenomenological self- study of what Jim King taught me - Lindsay Persohn
  • Cognitive interviewing in cross- cultural survey-item validation: Considerations for culturally and linguistically diverse populations - Patriann Smith and James R. King
  • The literacy professoriate’s secret: A history so invisible - Norm Stahl and Samuel DeJulio

Section Two: Tokens of Thanks for James R. King

  • Letter to Jim - Marino Alvarez
  • Jim King - Mary Alice Barksdale
  • Sonnet for Jim King - Susan V. Bennett
  • Real learning - Margaret Branscombe
  • Personal Reflection - Roger Brindley
  • Dear Jim... Letter to a Mentor and Friend - Linda Shuford Evans
  • You make my head hurt: My professor, mentor, and friend - AnnMarie Gunn
  • To Jim King on the Occasion of his Retirement - Susan Homan
  • Letter to Jim - Sherry Moser
  • Found Poems in James R. King’s Uncommon Caring: Learning from Men who Teach Young Children - Csaba Osvath
  • Lessons from King: Being an academic and a good human - Sarah Pennington
  • Influential professor, inspiring mentor, beautiful spirit! - Christine Picot
  • Ode to Jim - Janet Richards
  • Dear Jim - Elizabeth Shaunessy-Dedrick

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