Tensions Within Bullying and Career Resilience in Higher Education

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Whereas communication and interdisciplinary scholars examined individual causes of and strategies for remedying bullying, organizational communication researchers have focused on workplace cultural discourses that engender and foster bullying as normative and constituted through everyday discourse and interaction, structures, and policy. With the increasing corporatization and competition for scarce monetary resources, higher education workplaces are microcosms for and emblematic of the changing American workplace. This means that bullying occurs in higher education just as it does in other organizational contexts. Bullying affects self-confidence and identity, relationships, and careers. After documenting empirical evidence of the multilevel antecedents, processes, and consequences of bullying in higher education, we depict bullying in more personal terms by engaging in an imagined conversation about the normalization of bullying in university settings and how resilience offers processes for understanding and changing bullying.

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Tensions Within Bullying and Career Resilience in Higher Education, in R. West & C. S. Beck (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Communication and Bullying, Routledge, p. 164-172