Gender and Feminist Theory

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In this chapter we discuss how and why there has been a resurgence of interest and scholarship on gender equality and feminist organizational communication. We do so by first tracing differences among sex, gender, and feminisms in communication and interdisciplinary studies. We highlight studies that have expanded on early sex difference and message research to more constitutive approaches. We reflect upon current online organizing, including alt right and hashtag feminisms that encourages politicized action by men and women in ways that reconstitute particular forms of masculinity and networked and material feminisms, respectively. In the second part, we explore gender and feminist organizational communication scholars’ contributions in three main ways aligned with the (a) communication-organization orientation in this book, (b) enactment of gender in in/equitable ways materially and discursively, and (c) contradiction- and/or tension-based lens. We conclude by noting that gender and feminist organizational communication calls into question everyday organizing and organization to constitute work and personal life in ways that better meet women’s and men’s interests.

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Gender and Feminist Theory, in A. M. Nicotera (Ed.), Origins and Traditions of Organizational Communication: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Field, Routledge, p. 250-269