Relationships as Stories: Accounts, Storied Lives, Evocative Narratives

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qualitative, ethnography, autoethnography, relationships, relationship communication, stories, storied lives, evocative narratives


This book offers new and compelling insights into the ways in which communication is central to the study of personal relationships. Specifically, this volume focuses on front-line cutting-edge theories and methods in the study of communication and personal relationships. The opening chapter of this volume plunges straight into investigating the question "What is a personal relationship?", the central issue facing personal relationship research. The answers offered in this volume highlight the role of communication as a means of expressing a relationship as well as it being the essential substance of the relationship. The authors in this volume focus on different aspects of relationships and explain them in different ways

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Relationships as Stories: Accounts, Storied Lives, Evocative Narratives, in K. Dindia & S. Duck (Eds.), Communication and Personal Relationships, John Wiley & Sons, p. 307-324