Dancing with Cybernetics (on Bridges in the Wind)

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cybernetics, cybernetics conferences, cybernetics history, ecological understanding, praxis


In this article, we focus on the role of the annual conference in sustaining and building the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) as an international organization. In particular, we offer reflections on the international meetings that were held during the period that one of us (Fred Steier) was President of ASC, 1989-1991. These reflections are offered through the metaphor of dancing together with people as well as ideas. We present the context created for each meeting in conjunction with a snapshot of ideas of one participant whose work, for us, represents the transdisciplinary, boundarycrossing aspect of cybernetics as brought forth in our meetings. We also present links to the development of the journal Cybernetics and Human Knowing, which had its origins at this time. The essay concludes with a recognition of our dancing as embodying the intertwining of the psychic and social capital at the heart of the ASC.

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Cybernetics & Human Knowing, v. 23, no. 1, p. 50-58