(Re)storying Organizational Communication Theory and Practice: Continuing the Conversation about Spirituality and Work

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secular hegemony, spirituality, work

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As we take up our conversations about organizing and spirituality that we began with the publication of our 2006 Communication Studies special issue on disrupting secular hegemony, we have been delighted to reencounter the three essays we offer in this section. We thank Bill Benoit for providing some space to position these articles as elaborating further on our original special issue theme and to reposition them as engaging and (re)storying individuals’ ongoing searches for meaningfulness in their work. In these introductory comments, we first discuss how narrative can reinvigorate the spiritual search for and practice of meaning in individuals’ lives, then speak about the contributions of each article to the application of communication research toward better quality of life. As we close this conversation, we offer some thoughts about some functions of and possible directions afforded by narrative in applied communication contexts.

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Communication Studies, v. 58, issue 3, p. 223-226