A Feminist Standpoint Analysis of Maternity and Maternity Leave for Women with Disabilities

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Fall 2003


Maternity and maternity leave do not simply mean pregnancy (or adoption) and the time taken from work to recover from childbirth/adoption. Instead, these processes can be experienced in a variety of ways that are simultaneously empowering and disempowering for the women who gain access to specialized knowledges through these events and discussions with others. In this study, I examine one woman 's discourse about her pregnancy and maternity leave. "Julianna's" standpoint emerges as a tension-filled, contradictory, and ironic statement of what life entails for a pregnant woman with disabilities in an able-bodied world. As she presents her story, she displays the ways in which she pieced together data and insights. Feminist standpoint analyses of her discourse and practices can open opportunities for further explorations of policies and practices adapted to different women 's life conditions.

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Women & Language, v. 26, issue 2, p. 53-65