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reflexivity, whiteness, critical communication pedagogy, performative pedagogy, relational ethic


Our experiences teaching about whiteness in communication classrooms have resulted in a wide spectrum of responses from students. We are troubled in particular by the overly resistant and compliant student responses to this subject, as we desire to engage with our students in a critically nuanced and potentially transformative dialogue about race and racism. This essay builds from our experiences in the classroom and works to articulate the dilemmas we often face as we teach about whiteness in our courses. These dilemmas mirror similar concerns we face in our own scholarly practices of reflexivity. By troubling our reflexive practices, as well as our student responses, we offer a pedagogical strategy for engagement that seeks to avoid resistance and compliance through the development of and commitment to a relational ethic of teaching and learning.

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Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, v. 8, issue 5, p. 56-73