Taking Cybernetics Seriously at a Science Center: Reflection-in-Interaction and Second Order Organizational Learning

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Don Schon's ideas of reflective practice and organizational learning are connected with second order cybernetics. This connection enables a rethinking of a science center in terms of the ways that science is presented and ‘understood’ and the organizational relationships, at all levels, that allow for and sustain the process of that rethinking. Through a conversation, emergent tensions (including the multiple hearings of a generative metaphor) are explored that point to the very frames within which a science center organizes itself. A scaffolding of an action research program for the science center is offered, emanating from questions raised in the conversation. Finally, a reformulation of some of Schon's key ideas that motivated the project is offered - from a reflection-in-action to a reflection-in-inter-action, linked to a second order organizational

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Cybernetics & Human Knowing, v. 7, issues 2-3, p. 47-69