Patterns That Connect Patterns That Connect: A Thematic Foreword

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In the film Mindwalk, Sonja Hoffman, a physicist played by Liv Ullmann, is asked by a politician (played by Sam Waterston) to name those thinkers whose work embodies this 'new systems thinking' Hoffman is speaking so highly of. Three names come to her--with the connector among them being Gregory Bateson. Such is Bateson’s legacy that this film, made over a decade after his death, sees fit to put his name out there as a systems thinker that the world of film viewers ought to become familiar with. Mindwalk is an extended peripatetic conversation between a physicist, a politician and a poet, set in the inspiring natural and designed space of Mont St. Michel, with the haunting minimalist music of Philip Glass. It is fitting that Bateson’s name should be invoked, certainly as a systems thinker whose work we need to know, but also as someone whose passions connect those with such diverse backgrounds and ways of seeing, as a physicist, politician and poet.

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Cybernetics & Human Knowing, v. 12, issues 1-2, p. 5-10