Communicator Style as an Effect Determinant of Attraction

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This research reports the results of three independent studies which investigate the relationship between attraction and communicator style (the way a person communicates). Study 1 compares the communicator styles of "best liked" and "least liked" friends. The "best liked" friend's style differed significantly from that of the "least liked" friend, scoring higher on attraction, communicator image, open, attentive relaxed. and dramatic/animated. In study 2, four specific styles were studied in relation to attraction. The dominant/open style was seen by subjects as the most attractive; the not-dominant/not-relaxed style was seen as least attractive. In study 3, teachers rated students representing the four styles investigated in study 2 on a nine-item attraction measure entailing physical, personality, and liking dimensions. Again, the dominant/open style emerged as most attractive. The three studies provide strong evidence that communicator style is an important effect determinant of attraction.

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Communication Research, v. 4, issue 3, p. 257-282