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Karst and sinkholes at Nash Draw, southeastern New Mexico (USA)

Andrea K. Goodbar, Geospatial Collaborative
Dennis W. Powers, Consulting Geologist
James R. Goodbar, Goodbar Consulting
Robert M. Holt, University of Mississippi

Pre-glacial and post-glacial sinkholes in Silurian carbonate rocks in the James Bay lowland, Canada

Wanfang Zhou, Hana Engineers & Consultants, LLC
Mingtang Lei, Institute of Karst Geology, Guilin, China
James W. LaMoreaux, PELA GeoEnvironmental Inc.
Daniel S. Green, PELA GeoEnvironmental Inc.

Sinkholes and karst in Puerto Rico: Picturesque and problematic

Patricia Kambesis, Western Kentucky University
Ira D. Sasowsky, University of Akron
Brittiny P. Moore, Texas State University

Sinkholes developed in sandstone

Ira D. Sasowsky, University of Akron
E. Calvin Alexander Jr., University of Minnesota