Mapping and Management of Karst Regions

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A Chronological Catalogue of Sinkholes in Italy: The First Step Toward a Real Evaluation of the Sinkhole Hazard

Mario Parise
Carmela Vennari

Lessons Learned from Occurrence of Sinkholes Related to Man-Made Cavities in a Town of Southern Italy

Pietro Pepe
Nunzia Pentimone
Giuditta Garziano
Vincenzo Martimucci
Mario Parise

Restoring Land and Managing Karst to Protect Water Quality and Quantity at Barton Springs, Austin, Texas

Kevin Thuesen

The Use of Drought-Induced “Crop Lines” as a Tool for Characterization of Karst Terrain

Samuel V. Panno
Donald E. Luman
Walton R. Kelly
Matthew B. Alschuler

Mapping Surface and Subsurface Karst Geohazards for Highway Projects: SR 71 South Knoxville Boulevard Extension, Knox County, Tennessee

Harry L. Moore

Government Canyon State Natural Area: An Emerging Model for Karst Management

George Veni

Combining LiDAR, Aerial Photography, and Pictometry® Tools for Karst Features Database Management

Scott C. Alexander
Mina Rahimi
Erik Larson
Cody Bomberger
Brittany Greenwaldt
Calvin Alexander Jr

An Evaluation of Automated GIS Tools for Delineating Karst Sinkholes and Closed Depressions from 1-Meter LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Data

Daniel H. Doctor
John A. Young

Delineation and Classification of Karst Depressions Using LiDAR: Fort Hood Military Installation, Texas

Melinda G. Shaw-Faulkner
Kevin W. Stafford
Aaron W. Bryant

Locating Sinkholes in LiDAR Coverage of a Glacio-Fluvial Karst, Winona County, MN

Mina Rahimi
E Calvin Alexander Jr