Formation Processes of Karst and Sinkholes

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Examples of Anthropogenic Sinkholes in Sicily and Comparison with Similar Phenomena in Southern Italy

Marco Vattano
Mario Parise
Piernicola Lollino
Marco Bonamini
Di Maggio
Giuliana Madonia

Development of Sinkholes in a Thickly Covered Karst Terrane

Sam B. Upchurch
Thomas L. Dobecki
Thomas M. Scott
Steven H. Meiggs
Sarah E. Fratesi
Michael C. Alfieri

Paleokarst Crust of Ordovician Limestone and Its Capability in Resisting Water Inrushes in Coal Mines of North China

Lin Mou
Gongyu Li

Deep Time Origins of Sinkhole Collapse Failures in Sewage Lagoons in Southeast Minnesota

E Calvin Alexander Jr
Anthony C. Runkel
Robert G. Tipping
Jeffrey A. Green

Emergency Investigation of Extremely Large Sinkholes, Maohe, Guangxi, China

Mingtang Lei
Yongli Gao
Xiaozhen Jiang
Zhende Guan

Karst Landforms in the Saraburi Group Limestones, Thailand

Gheorghe Ponta
Bashir Memon
James LaMoreaux
Jade Julawong
Somchai Wongsawat

Clastic Sinkhole and Pseudokarst Development in East Texas

Kevin W. Stafford
Melinda G. Shaw-Faulkner
Wesley A. Brown

Characterization of Karst Collapse Hazard Based on Groundwater Fluctuations in Qingyun Village, Guigang, Guangxi, China

Xiaozhen Jiang
Mingtang Lei
Yongli Gao
Zhende Guan

Investigations of Large Scale Sinkhole Collapses, Laibin, Guangxi, China

Yongli Gao
Weiquan Luo
Xiaozhen Jiang
Mingtang Lei
Jianling Dai