An Investigation on Scholarly Publications using HINTS Data by Bibliometric Analysis

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Data sharing and reuse have been one of primary phenomena in a wide variety of disciplines due to the advanced information technologies. In context of data reuse, this study aims to identify the topics, disciplinary characteristics, and temporal progresses of scholarly publications using a dataset HINTS. For the purpose of this study, we analyzed a total of 283 scholarly publications using HINTS by analyzing author’s affiliation, subject categories, and bibliographic coupling. The results demonstrate that communication and public health are two leading disciplines however, due to the focus of cancer information, oncology was another area revealed by the use analysis of HINTS data. More specifically, the topics identified by HINTS research could be grouped into two categories: Cancer information behaviors and general health information behaviors. Several related studies demonstrated that health information is a key topic in health communication, and in this sense, we believe that HINTS datasets are valuable datasets focusing on health information behaviors. The analysis results of HINTS publications showed that among various subtopics of health information, health information channels and sources are main interests of communication scholars, health literacy is of public health scholars, and cancer awareness and risk perceptions are researchers from medicine and public health fields. Also, in major topics, although leaning disciplines were found, it was also notices that authors from each discipline made contributions to major topics, such as Caner perceptions, cancer awareness, health information channels, and demographic characteristics and health information behaviors.

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Ewha Journal of Social Science, v. 35, issue 1, p. 121-152