Highlights of AACR 2 Revised: A Brief Examination of the Differences Between AACR2 and AACR 2 Revised

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Cataloging, Classification, Librarian Attitudes, Library Materials, Library Technical Processes, Subject Index Terms


As most librarians have probably realized by the paucity of articles in the library literature concerning the "Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition, 1988 Revision" (Chicago: American Library Association, 1988), no revolutionary changes have been introduced in the 1988 revision in direct contrast to the situation with the original publication of AACR 2 in 1978. In general, most of the changes in the descriptive cataloging rules are to simplify the rules and make them more consistent. While the majority of the literature that has appeared concerning AACR 2R has been aimed at the technical services or cataloging librarian, this paper highlights changes which affect access to bibliographic records along with other changes of which librarians in all types of library and information centers should be aware. The areas discussed in this paper include the categories of changes, specific cataloging changes (e.g., those concerning the use of qualifying places in the British Isles, the headings for contemporary authors who publish under more than one name, the new general materials designators), and the future of the main entry concept.

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