Re-Engineering Library Education

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The revolutionary changes in the educational curriculum for schools of library and information science being evinced by the exponential expansion of computer-based technologies require a reexamination of the skills and expertise needed to be acquired by the next wave of academic librarians. This is critical in order that they may continue to be able to provide information services and resources to the academic communities within which those librarians will practice their profession. In addition, it is important to meet emerging educational needs in terms of various multiculturalism and diversity issues that are arising today as well as a thorough understanding of research theory and practice. Implicit in these examinations is a need to review the way library school faculty will be teaching, using newer technologies including Web-delivery of courses, and how faculty should exhibit the skills needed in order to be able to deliver courses using the new technology-centered methods. Finally, this chapter will emphasize the importance of continuing education for future academic librarians and current professionals.

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Re-Engineering Library Education, in A. Hanson & B. L. Levin, Building a Virtual Library, Information Science Publishing, p. 212-222