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Biomedical Research, Community-Institutional Relations, Cooperative Behavior, Delivery of Health Care, Integrated, Group Processes, Health Education, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Health Services Research, Health Status Disparities, Healthcare Disparities, Humans, Medical Informatics, Organizational Objectives, Patient Education as Topic

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The August 2011 Clinical and Translational Science Awards conference "Using IT to Improve Community Health: How Health Care Reform Supports Innovation" convened four "Think Tank" sessions. Thirty individuals, representing various perspectives on community engagement, attended the "Health information technology (HIT) as a resource to improve community health and education" session, which focused on using HIT to improve patient health, education, and research involvement. Participants discussed a range of topics using a semistructured format. This article describes themes and lessons that emerged from that session, with a particular focus on using HIT to engage communities to improve health and reduce health disparities in populations.

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Science Translational Medicine, v. 4, issue 119, art. 119mr1

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