Curation Roles and Perceived Priorities for Data Quality Dimensions and Skills in Genome Curation Work

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bioinformatics, data curation, data quality, data quality dimensions, data quality skills, genomics

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Genome curation work included users with different curation roles as end-users, curators and dual-role users. Genomics scientists with certain role might focus on different data quality aspects and skills requirements. There is a lack of understanding of scientists' perceptions and requirements which hampers the development of systematic and tailed approaches to genome data curation. This research surveyed 158 genomics scientists on their perception and priorities for data quality dimensions and quality sills. The study's findings show that depending on the roles played in scientific data sharing and curation process, genome scientists may have different priorities for and ways of assessing data quality. Curators valued higher the direct quality assessment criteria, while end-users preferred the quality criteria that could be assessed indirectly. Likewise, end-users assigned higher priorities to the data quality assessment skills and the skills needed to identify useful information, while curators valued higher the skills needed to make data useful.

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Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, v. 49, issue 1, art. 312