An Exploratory Analysis of International Students’ Information Needs and Uses

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information behavior, information needs, information use, international students, college students

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Focusing on information behaviours in the context of everyday life, this study seeks to explore the information needs and uses of international students—one of the fastest-growing student groups within the university—in their daily activities. Using data from 60 respondents to the survey questionnaire and a total of 263 information activities from the online diary survey of 28 participants, this study investigated four research questions regarding information needs, information sources, the digital devices used for information searches, and the relationships between information needs, information sources, and digital devices in international students’ daily information environments. The findings demonstrate that international students with diverse information needs sought information from a wide range of information sources, including search engines and human-mediated sources, using portable digital devices for their information searches. This study revealed that participants used different information sources and digital devices depending on the type of information needs. The findings provide useful insights into the information services available to international students in a higher education context.

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Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, v. 39, no. 1, p. 36-59