Using IBM Content Manager for Genomic Data Annotation and Quality Assurance Tasks

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Quality assurance, Bioinformatics, XML, Data models, Content management, Database systems, Genomics

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As the amount of heterogeneous genomic data and related annotations continues to grow, a flexible and easy-to-access data management solution is required to integrate such data and diverse annotation tasks. This preliminary report describes the benefits of using IBM DB2® Content Manager software by conducting task-oriented grape genome annotations, along with data quality-assurance checks throughout the annotation process. To demonstrate the usability of this application, we describe the implementation of two real-life content-based genome annotation case scenarios: 1) expressed sequence tags annotation; and 2) sequence annotation related to simple sequence repeat markers. The IBM DB2 Content Manager allows users to easily construct content-based genomic information applications as rapidly built and readily adapted customized content documents with attributes within an easy-to-use interface system. Users can simultaneously conduct the annotation quality checks while making annotations by utilizing a built-in standardized data quality-control assurance procedure referred to as annotation “routing.” The system provides search features or cross-links with different annotation contents or data formats. The data quality workflow and procedure within the system also resulted in accuracy and consistency in the data annotation and curation lifecycle.

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IBM Journal of Research and Development, v. 55, issue 6, p. 1-8