EST-SSRs Characterization and In-Silico Alignments with Linkage Map SSR Loci in Grape (Vitis L.) Genome

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Expressed sequence tags, Microsatellites, Simple sequences repeats, Genetic map, Physical map

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11,581 grape (Vitis L.) EST-SSRs were produced and characterized from a total of 381,609 grape ESTs. Among the EST-SSRs, the tri repeat (5,560, 45.4%) represented the most abundant class of microsatellites in grape EST. Most of grape EST-SSR motifs fall within 18-24 bps in length. The EST-SSRs tri-repeats occurred a higher percentage in 5′-end (59.3%) than in 3′-end (48.3%). And EST-SSR tri-repeats had abundant codon repeats for putative amino acid runs as Proline, Arginine in grape ESTs. To better utilizing these markers, 142 of newly developed and validated EST SSR loci as well as 223 linkage map SSR loci were in silico aligned and mapped in grape genome. The orders of these SSR loci in the chromosomal physical locations and in the linkage groups were compared, and about twenty linkage map loci positions were switched or rearranged in grape genome. The EST-SSR markers extended the linkage map in grape genome. The method of in silico mapping reported in this study provided an initial collection for grape mapping resources. This approach offers great opportunities to understand the genetic variations in nucleotide sequences differences in physical map, and genetic recombination in linkage maps, as well as benefits for markers enrichment in a specific grape genome region for fine mapping or QTL mapping.

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Genes & Genomics, v. 34, issue 1, p. 19-26