Sacred Leaves Manuscript Collection

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Catalogue 13, Bible 'A'



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January 2001


Recto: Header, "TIT." Left column, decorated initial "T"; flourished initial "T"; chapter division IIII. Right column, figure initial "P"; flourished initial "T"; chapter division II. Verso: Header, "PHI." Left column, flourished initial "A"; chapter division "III." Right column, figure initial "P"; decorated initial "P."


Text in Latin. Text identification: Leaf with the end of Timothy, Titus, and the beginning of Philemon Text: recto. The prologue for Titus opens, "Tytum (com)mone facit. Rubric: "h(ic) incipit e | pistola ad | titu(m)" The first line of titus: "Paulus | servus d(e)i ap(ostolu)s a(utem) (Iesu) (Christi)" (Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of jesus Christ...). Text: verso. The prologue for Philemon opens on the verso, "Philemoni | familiares". Rubric: "incipit ep(isto)la ad | philome | nem." Philemon opens: "Paulus vinctus (iesu) | (Christi) (et) thimotheus | f(rater) philemoni dil(ec)to et aduitori n(ostro)" (Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy, a brother: to Philemon, our beloved and fellow labourer). Original image found in: Sacred leaves: bibles in the age of gothic cathedrals. Items in this collection are only available online; we do not have physical copies of these items in the USF Library's Special Collections. The original items were returned to the donor.


Manuscripts, Latin, France, Illumination of books and manuscripts


1 leaf (56 lines) : vellum ; 19.8 x 13.4 cm.

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Manuscripts, Latin; Illumination of books and manuscripts

Subject: geographic



illuminated manuscripts



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University of South Florida



Leaf with the end of Timothy, Titus, and the beginning of Philemon Catalogue 13, Bible 'A'



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