Sacred Leaves Manuscript Collection

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Catalogue 26



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January 2001


f. 2r: St. George and the Dragon, 25 x 29.5 cm. St. George, patron saint of Ethiopia, on a white horse, spears the dragon symbolizing evil at his feet. Ten men with spears to the right and princess in a tree at top left look on at the event taking place. f. 2v: Virgin and Child Enthroned, 26 x 30 cm. Mary holds the infant Christ in her lap as she sits upon a throne, which symbolizes the Church. Christ points with three fingers to represent the Trinity toward a ray of light symbolizing the Holy Spirit. He holds a book in the other hand (most likely the Old Testament of which He is the fulfillment). Two angels accompany the couple in the upper left and right corner of the composition. They hold a sheet that falls begind the Virgin and the Child. f. 5v: The Trinity, 25 x 26 cm. Framed within an octagon, God the Father forms the symbol of the Trinity with one hand and holds a small yellow seed between two fingers of the other hand. Outside the frame in the upper and lower corners are attributes of the four evangelists: the angel, eagle, lion, and ox. A gauze cloth attached with string to this folio covers the illumination. Evidence suggests that in the manuscript's original state, all the illuminations were likewise covered with a cloth.


Manuscripts, Ethiopic, Ethiopia, Illumination of books and manuscripts, Liturgics


Text in Ge'ez. Original image found in: Sacred leaves liturgy & devotion: manuscripts from England to Ethiopia. Text identification: Miracles of Mary. Binding: Original brown leather wrapped over wooden boards; spine severly worn. Items in this collection are only available online; we do not have physical copies of these items in the USF Library's Special Collections. The original items were returned to the donor.

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illuminated manuscripts



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University of South Florida



Miracles of Mary, Ethiopia Catalogue 26



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