Use of Environmental Intelligence for Green ICT in the Manufacturing Sector

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Green ICT, Environmental Intelligence (EI), Carbon footprints, Green procurement, Green disposal, Green data centre


The ICT industry has a very significant part to play in reducing carbon footprints. This is so because ICT is an integral part of business and, hence, has a direct correlation to overall greenhouse gas emissions by businesses. This paper explains how Green ICT can be used by organizations to reduce their carbon footprints and conduct their business in sustainable manner. The reduction of energy consumption, reduction of carbon footprints is termed as Environmental Intelligence.This research paper presents EI as a means to green usage of ICT, green procurement of ICT, green disposal of ICT and green data centres. The study was primarily based in the manufacturing business domain of organizations in Vadodara in India. This study employed the ordinal logistic regression to understand the impact of Green ICT on the collaborative business.

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International Journal of Advanced Research in IT and Engineering, v. 2, no. 4, p. 68-82

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