Enterprise Green It Strategy

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Business-IT alignment, Green IT metrics, Green IT strategy, Green IT transformation, Responsible Business Strategy (ERBS)

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Green IT strategies are essentially business strategies that integrally incorporate carbon emission reduction and other environmental considerations in their formulation and execution. Successful Green IT strategies give due consideration to organizational objectives, industrial context, and the socio-cultural environment in which the organization exists. The value of this crucial alignment between business, technology, and society has been is significant. This alignment and the business drivers for becoming and remaining green is the basic premise of this chapter. This chapter emphasizes the need for close alignment between business goals and strategies for carbon reduction, highlights the business drivers that encourage development and implementation of enterprise Green IT strategies, outlines the economy, technology, processes and people dimensions along which Green IT Strategies are implemented, and outlines the crucial steps and considerations in developing Green IT strategies. This chapter also discusses the challenges in implementing Green IT strategies and approach ameliorating those challenges.

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Enterprise Green It Strategy, in S. Murugesan & G. R. Gangadharan (Eds.), Harnessing Green It: Principles and Practices, Wiley, p. 149-165

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