Comparative Study of Four Options of Ict Systems in Management and Administration of Educational Institutions

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Information and communication technologies (ICT) not only enable deployment of education in a scalable manner but are also poised to provide effective measure and control of educational institutions. There are many challenges of education deployment in India including vast numbers of students, the social issue of lack of adaptability, and quality of educational IT service providers. The challenge that stands out the most is the measure and control of governance and administration of institutions. This is particularly so because of the myriad social, educational, government and financial complexities in which these institutions operate. ICT provides an opportunity to put automation and optimization in educational processes that enable the institutions to have a certain level of agility in their business. ICT has the potential to provide effective measures in terms of teaching–learning pedagogies. In this chapter, we explore the opportunities for educational institutions in India through the use of ICT such as cloud-based deployments, Teacher–Student Collaboration, Data Analytics-based measurements, predictions and corrective actions related to schedules, administration, teaching–learning outcomes and implementation of policies and procedures. There are four groups of 252ICT-based systems identified that can be considered in school administration. We present these groups as a scholarly paper with detailed thoughts and strategies based on the hands-on experience of the lead author.

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Comparative Study of Four Options of Ict Systems in Management and Administration of Educational Institutions, in G. S. Latwal, S. K. Sharma, P. Mahajan & P. Kommers (Eds.), Role of ICT in Higher Education: Trends, Problems, and Prospects, Apple Academic Press, p. 251-262

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