Extending Enterprise Architecture with Mobility

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The Enterprise Architecture (EA) brings together various business processes, technologies, standards, systems, and IT infrastructure of the organization. This chapter considers extending the EA with mobility so that it would facilitate easier implementation of applications that overcomes the boundaries of time and location. This extension of EA with mobility will result in a comprehensive Mobility Enterprise Architecture (M-EA) that will provide the business with advantages of real-time business processes, reduced costs, increased client satisfaction, and better control. This chapter outlines the M-EA framework, which is based on the literature review, initial modeling, and a case study carried out by the lead authors. Later, the framework is validated by another case study carried out at international software development organization. Further validation of the model is envisaged through action research in multinational organizations.

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Extending Enterprise Architecture with Mobility, in B. Unhelkar (Ed.), Handbook of Research in Mobile Business, Second Edition: Technical, Methodological and Social Perspectives, IGI Global, p. 487-498

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