Semantic Integration of Environmental Web Services in an Organization

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Environmental Intelligence (EI), Environmentally Intelligent System (EIS), Environmentally Responsible Business Strategy (ERBS), Green Web Services (GWS)

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Greening an organization encompasses many different aspects, not just recycling or stopping use of toxic materials and replacing it with some more environmental friendly material. There is a growing need to measure and calculate the environmental impact of the product, process and services. Turning an organization green includes green building practices. This paper provides a conceptual tool to track, report, manage and finally monetize the emissions using the web services termed as Green Web Services (GWS). These web services recognize the disproportionate environmental impact of a process in an organization. GWS provides solutions that can be used to substitute the physical activities and thereby reduce society's energy consumption and carbon emission. This paper presents and extends a corporate Environmental Responsible Business Strategy (ERBS) that brings together GWS and business responsibilities, resulting in Environmentally Intelligent System (EIS).

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Semantic Integration of Environmental Web Services in an Organization, 2009 Second International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science, p. 284-288

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