Extending and Applying Business Intelligence and Customer Strategies for Green Ict

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This chapter extends and applies the concepts of Business Intelligence (BI) within business to help improve its environmental performance. When BI is used to improve customer service and optimize business performance, the result can also be used to reduce the carbon footprint of the organization. Various ways to improve customer service as well as cross-selling and up-selling to customers are discussed in the context of the carbon footprint - and with suggestions to improve that footprint. This is a strategic approach to the use of BI in environmental performance - resulting in what is called Environmental Intelligence. The suggestion is to use Business intelligence to improve the overall resources usage (by reducing energy and paper usage) of the organizations without compromising on customer services. For example if the customers are serviced on first contact, the follow on activities involving multiple contacts with customers and marketing paper material could be reduced. This will provide the organizations with better customer satisfaction and also reduce the extra energy usage in developing heavy duty BI infrastructure and paper used for the marketing purpose to woo back the customers.

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Extending and Applying Business Intelligence and Customer Strategies for Green Ict, in B. Unhelkar (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Green ICT: Technology, Business and Social Perspectives, IGI Global, p. 83-97

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