Hyperspectral Microwave Atmospheric Sounder (HyMAS) Graphical User Interface Design

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The hyperspectral microwave atmospheric sounder (HyMAS), for weather and climate missions, is capable of all-weather sounding equivalent to hyperspectral infrared sounders (in which clouds decrease the accuracy of the results) in clear air with vertical resolution of approximately 1 km. This will improve both the vertical and horizontal resolutions of the atmosphere. Through the use of independent RF antennas that sample the volume of the Earth's atmosphere through various levels of frequencies, thereby producing a set of dense, spaced vertical weighting functions, hyperspectral microwave is achieved. This yields surface precipitation rate and water path retrievals for small hail, soft hail, or snow pellets, snow, rainwater, etc. with high accuracies. One of HyMAS requirements is a graphical user interface (GUI). Hyperspectral measurements allow the user to determine the Earth's temperature with vertical resolution exceeding 1km (1093.61 yards).

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Hyperspectral Microwave Atmospheric Sounder (HyMAS) Graphical User Interface Design, in G. Javidi (Ed.), Strategic Innovations and Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Telecommunications and Networking, IGI Global, p. 180-195