How Do People Perceive Facebook Features on Health-related Facebook Posts?

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health information behaviors, visual elements, Facebook


Social media has become one of the main health information channels that can provide real-time information in a cost-effective way for the public. Facebook is known to be the most popularly used social media. This preliminary study examined how Facebook users perceive the influences of Facebook features on their cognitive outcomes of Facebook reading, which includes Attention to a Facebook post, Understandability, Credibility, and Rememberability of a Facebook post. An online survey was conducted and data from 41 undergraduate and graduate students was analyzed. According to participants' self-reports, Caption is most influential on overall cognitive outcomes; however, their selections with sample Facebook posts showed that well-designed infographics give positive influences on overall cognitive outcomes and for Credibility, post creators and links to the original sources were also important. This study results contribute to recommendations for how health professionals can make optimal use of Facebook for effective health information communication.

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Presented at the 2019 iConference in March 2019 in Washington, DC.