Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: Are we Doing Enough?

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child sexual abuse, prevention

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In response to an increase in public awareness and interest in the problem of child sexual abuse, programs have been developed to promote the awareness, prevention, and treatment of sexual abuse. These programs have been varied in scope, focus, and effectiveness. This article reviews the child sexual abuse literature, with particular emphasis on efforts aimed at the prevention of child sexual abuse. Prevention efforts targeting potential victims as well as parents, teachers, and offenders, are reviewed and evaluated. Overall, there is not enough adequate work being done to prevent child sexual abuse. More efforts need to address child sexual abuse prevention by targeting adults who can help children avoid such an experience and adults who may perpetrate against children. Suggestions about future preventive endeavors, based on this review, are offered.

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Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, v. 3, issue 1, p. 68-84