Hemispheric Lateralization of Perception and Memory for Emotional Verbal Stimuli in Normal Individuals

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Lateralization of perception of emotional verbal stimuli, College students

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The purposes of this study were to extend the literature on lateralization of perception of emotional verbal stimuli in normal individuals, including a test of both the right hemisphere and valence models, and to investigate predictions from these models regarding lateralization of memory for emotional verbal stimuli in normal individuals, an area that, to our knowledge, has not been investigated. Seventy-nine undergraduates were presented lateralized positive, negative, and neutral English words and nonwords. Participants were then asked to freely recall the presented words and, after a 20-min delay, to recognize the words. Recognition memory data provided strong support for the valence model. In addition, free-recall and perception data provided partial support for this model. The literature on the lateralization of processing emotional verbal and nonverbal material is discussed.

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Neuropsychology, v. 11, issue 1, p. 114-125