Body Image, Psychological Functioning, and Parental Feedback Regarding Physical Appearance

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appearance‐related commentary, psychological functioning, body image disturbance

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Objective: To investigate the role of parental appearance‐related commentary, body image, and psychological functioning in females and males.

Method: Retrospective reports of teasing and appearance‐based feedback were assessed, along with current levels of body image and overall psychological functioning.

Results: Women and men did not differ in their reports of comments received from mothers, however, women received significantly more appearance‐related messages from fathers. Correlational analyses demonstrated significant relationships between feedback and body satisfaction for women, but not for men. Regression analyses indicated that fathers' and mothers' teasing about weight were predictive of daughters' body image. For both males and females, psychological functioning was significantly predicted from the combination of mothers' and fathers' feedback regarding appearance.

Discussion: The findings further support an emerging theoretical model of appearance‐related commentary as a factor in body image disturbance and overall psychological functioning.

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International Journal of Eating Disorders, v. 25, issue 3, p. 339-343