Breadth Versus Depth: Balance Achieved

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neuropsychology, clinical practice, neurological disorders, etiology, assessment, treatment

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This text (see record 1996-97886-000) is likely to serve the needs of a relatively broad readership in its deliberate balance of general and specific information. In keeping with the force that guides most "psychological reality," the authors have made an explicit choice to go with probability; that is, high probability, high base rate, common disorders encountered in neuropsychological practice. In doing so, the authors include those disorders encountered not only by neuropsychologists but also by clinical, counseling, and school psychologists as well as a host of other mental health and health-related professionals. In organizing the text around specific yet common disorders, the authors have opted to take a more general, overarching approach to each disorder that includes information on clinical characteristics, pathophysiology, and assessment and treatment issues. This provides the reader with a relatively comprehensive overview of the disorder in question. The text is written with a relatively broad audience in mind. A background in neuropsychology is not assumed. Furthermore, the approach is a practical one, intended to link neuropsychological assessment with the more general clinical features of the disorder as well as with its prognosis and treatment.

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PsycCRITIQUES, v. 42, issue 12, p. 1121-1122