Effect of a Brief, Regular Telephone Intervention by Paraprofessionals for Type 2 Diabetes

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Diabetes, Telephone intervention, Paraprofessionals, Adherence, Depression, Diabetes symptoms

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Brief, cost-effective interventions to promote diabetes self-management are needed. This study evaluated the effects of a brief, regular, proactive, telephone “coaching” intervention delivered by paraprofessionals on diabetes adherence, glycemic control, diabetes-related medical symptoms, and depressive symptoms. Therapeutic mechanisms underlying the intervention’s effect on the primary outcomes were also examined. Adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (N = 62) were randomly assigned to receive the “coaching” intervention and treatment as usual, or only treatment as usual. The intervention increased frequency of exercise and feet inspection, improved diet, reduced diabetes medical symptoms, and lowered depressive symptoms. Self-efficacy, reinforcement, and awareness of self-care goals mediated the treatment effect on depression, exercise, and feet inspection, respectively. A brief telephone intervention delivered by paraprofessionals had positive effects on type 2 diabetes patients.

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Journal of Behavioral Medicine, v. 32, issue 4, p. 349 - 359