A Methodology for Developing and Validating Minimum Qualifications (MQs)

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This paper concerns minimum qualifications (MQs) for jobs, which are statements of education, experience, and closely related personal attributes needed to perform a job satisfactorily. MQs are often used as screening devices in personnel selection, particularly in the public sector. Those not meeting MQs are disqualified from the applicant pool. After a brief description of a new job analysis method to develop and validate MQs, data are presented supporting the adequacy of the scales used in the job analyses and in the determination of content validity of MQs for selected jobs in a large mental health facility. Results suggest that the methodology yields MQs which demonstrate high levels of content validity. Interrater reliability is also high when resultant MQs are used to screen applications for jobs. Degree of adverse impact is not uniformly affected; it decreases in some cases and increases in others. Future research should continue the evaluation of the methodology and its associated scales on additional jobs, and should explore the constructs being measured by MQs.

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Personnel Psychology, v. 50, issue 4, p. 1009-1023