The Social Stressors-Counterproductive Work Behaviors Link: Are Conflicts with Supervisors and Coworkers the Same

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The differential impact of conflict with supervisors and coworkers on the target of counterproductive work behaviors (CWB) was investigated using multiple data sources. The mediating role of negative emotions was also tested using an emotion-centered model of CWB. Data were obtained from 133 dyads (incumbents plus a coworker) of full-time working participants representing a variety of occupations at the University of South Florida. Participants in the incumbent role were asked to complete a questionnaire measuring demographics, conflict, negative emotions, and CWB. The coworker was asked to respond to a shorter questionnaire measuring conflict and CWB regarding the incumbent's job. Evidence for a differential relationship between conflict sources and the target of CWB was found. The emotion-centered model of voluntary work behavior received partial support

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Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, v. 11, issue 2, p. 145-156