Causes of Employee Turnover: A Test of the Mobley, Griffeth, Hand, and Meglino (1979) Model

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path analysis of factors contributing to employee turnover, mental health personnel, test of model of W. H. Mobley et al

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Tested the turnover model of W. H. Mobley et al (see record 1979-29973-001). Data from 120 employees of a mental health facility were collected on several variables contained in the model, including perceived job characteristics (Job Diagnostic Survey and Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire), personal employee characteristics, job satisfaction (Job Satisfaction Inventory), perceived alternative employment opportunities, intention of quitting the job, and turnover. Two variables were added to those in the model—confirmation of preemployment expectancies and organizational commitment (as measured by the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire). Results of path analyses are consistent with the model, although with some modifications. Specifically, perceived alternative employment opportunities added nothing to the model as a direct cause of intention to quit or turnover, or as a moderator.

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Journal of Applied Psychology, v. 67, issue 1, p. 53-59