Making Sentences Make Sense, or Words to that Effect

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This chapter describes a chunk of an ongoing research program. The theoretical framework guided and informed the research that developed a solution to a fundamental problem of cognitive psychology. The problem is to make models perform interesting cognition without being overly sensitive to perturbations in the input. To achieve this goal, depends there are two basic design principles: robustness requires compensatory integration and complex computation requires structural diversity. The classic form of continuous integration is addition. FuzzyProp allows (1) that the fundamental or primitive concepts/features are fuzzy predicates that may hold more or less in a given situation and (2) that the connective operators are also fuzzy in that they preserve the fuzziness introduced by the primitives.

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Making Sentences Make Sense, or Words to That Effect, in G. B. Simpson (Ed.), Understanding Word and Sentence, Elsevier, p. 285-304